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No Possibility of a Virus.
Your information isn't Mined, Sold or Shared.
This is NOT Text Messaging.

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It's actually 10 Apps in 1, here are just 5.

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Save Money, Support LOCAL Businesses.

Get Alerts when you are Close to a Deal.

Some are calling this the Find Cash App.

When you are Near a Deal, your phone can give you an alert.
You choose the types of deals you want to see and when you want to see them. Click On or Off with your "Do Not Disturb" button at any time.
Does Not affect your Billing Plan OR Battery Life!
Other systems like this affect BOTH, we don't affect either.


It's your phones Maps on Steroids

Click on a business logo and you'll either get their discounts and offers or a little about them.
Click again and you are navigated to them.
Can't find a business or just know the general area? Drag the map to their general area, click on their Logo and no matter where you are, the Google Turn-by-Turn directions take you there.


A Whole New Experience with a Floor Plan

At a Mall, an outdoor exhibit or a convention? What if you could receive directions, see an indoor or outdoor map, be alerted to the latest event or schedule changes, etc., and all in Real Time based upon Where you are located?
Different buildings or floors? Your system knows you are on Level 1, Level 2, Building 3, etc., and changes based upon where you are.
Need to find you gate at the Airport? One click and it takes you right to the gate with Google Turn-by-Turn directions.

Indoor Experience

Imagine this in your favorite mall, or how about your next convention.
Imagine knowing at a glance where a store is located, where you gate is located in an airport, or where the next lecture is at your next convention.

Unique Experiences

You might soon be seeing this in your Museum, Store, Mall, Zoo or Park. It works on any device, any iThing, AndroidThing, AnyThing including Tablets and even some Watches.  Watch the movie.


Stay Informed

Soon you will be seeing your local events or conventions giving you real time updates, directions, schedule changes, announcements, etc., right to your phone.
Near a certain Break-Out room? See what it's all about.
At a Concert or major event like an Air Show? See what's on the schedule, different exhibits, locate food or medical, etc.

When you want information from an exhibitor just Tap your Phone or scan their QR code and you have it. No more lugging around bags of literature that you must drag out to your car or back to the room before you head to the additional events, it's all stored right on your phone.
You can also quickly and easily share your information with others you meet at the conference or event, or get their contact information with another quick tap of your phones.


Stay in the Know

The system works not only for finding information about businesses but more than likely your Church, School or Organization will soon be using it to make announcements to keep their folks in the know and up to date.
Imagine a message from the Street department reminding you that 2nd street is closed for resurfacing before you get there so you can plan ahead and save time.

Choose Categories, Deals, Groups, etc.

You have the Control.

You decide on the types of offers you receive and the cool thing is they arrive when you are Close. After all, what good does it do you to receive an offer like you typically see, "Today, from 2:00 till 3:30, 1/2 off all drinks" when you are 200 miles away? You want that offer when it actually means something. 


And Filters

You customize your preferences to see what you want and there is even a "Do Not Disturb" switch at the bottom so you can turn the alerts and messages off as you see fit.
When you activate a category you will receive those Screaming Hot Deals when you are close. You can scroll to find more and also receive very special instant offers from merchants you have Pinned.
We NEVER use Text Messaging, that's your Private space.
Alerts and messages are Push Notifications.

ALL your Loyalty programs
Right on your Phone.

No Cards, no extra hardware, no Kiosks, just either scan, click or tap and done. Each program from each merchant is updated instantly and everything stays up to date.
~ Tracks each of your favorite merchants individually.
~ A.I. Technology does everything automatically.
~ Alerts you to Special App Only Deals.
~ Earn Points for even More Rewards.
~ Some even have contests to Earn Prizes.

Finally a Customer Rewards program that makes sense.

Shopping Experience

While In Store

Imagine as you strolled through the store the items on the shelf explained themselves as you approached them. Imagine you could find what you want with a click of a button and you were given a store layout map to find it with in store turn by turn directions from the Google Voice.
Watch for this feature in your favorite stores soon. TESCO and target already have their own systems but you'll need their app whereas with appSAVE®, you are covered just about anywhere as any merchant can use this service without the need for their own prohibitively expensive app.

Digital Signage

Here NOW

A New system you may have heard about and it's here now. Watch for different systems starting to spring up and your appSAVE® system is already equipped to handle this new and exciting technology.

A Worlds First

A First from our Premier Partner Estimote. Imagine if you walked into the Sowroom of Tomorrow. Well guess what, it's not tomorrow, it's NOW and you just may soon experience it.


Automatic and Exclusive

The app will automatically adjust to the setting on the phone whether that is English or Spanish.
If the user has the default language of their phone set to English, that's what they see. If it's Spanish, appSAVE® adjusts and all the instructions, searches, etc. are in Spanish.
Merchants have the option to then make their offers in both English and Spanish to accommodate this growing market and the phone knows which to serve up.

It's Here Now

As more and more merchants jump onboard with appSAVE®, what you see in this movie will start to become a common theme.

Go ahead, download the app and get ready for a Better Shopping Experience.

NBC News Coverage

Target has spent more on just their app than the average small business makes in an entire Year! 
Our solution gives a business this type of system for just a Few Dollars a Month.
But when compared to our app, target's is Quite Limited. 

NBC News

You Have Control

This is not a system where you get Bombarded with Ads from everyone. YOU CONTROL what you see and from Whom
You customize delivery based upon your needs so you Filter what you get on Your Terms.

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