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You simply Won't Believe what this Free App will do.

It WILL make your Smart Phone SMARTER.

See why Consumers LOVE it.

Consumers ask, "Will it really improve my phone?"
C/NET Thinks so.

It's simply Tremendous for Business Owners.

Here is a quick summary and introduction to the system from a Business Owners point of view.

Find the Best Local Deals

You have Total Control over all the Filters.
Works off your phones Location Service.
You only see what's close.
The Businesses know they are competing for your patronage so they treat you special.

appSAVE®, it's 10 apps in One!

Continue on this page for a brief explanation of the features.

We also have a Detailed Explanation and the full scope of it is so massive we must leave this site and open a whole new site.
Just be prepared to be overwhelmed.

GooMAPS™ is Here

As more and more merchants jump onboard with appSAVE®, what you see in this movie will start to become a common theme.
Talk about upgrading your Google Maps!
Watch the movie.

A World of Possibilities

The appSAVE® technology gives you a totally new perspective on how you see the world.


You might soon be seeing this in your Museum, Store, Mall, Zoo, park or Conference. It works on any device, iThing, AndroidThing, AnyThing including Tablets and even some Watches.

Timely Alerts!

How can it work? Here is a Real World Example.
The beauty of our system is we use One App everywhere.
Travel to the next city or even next state, you get the alerts and deals from that area. 

TouchlessLoyalty™ Program

Our Exclusive TouchlessLoyalty™ system keeps track of Every Merchant automatically. Many will even check you in automatically as you arrive in the store. It's all with you, all the time...on your phone.
It does all the work, even redeeming a reward when it' time.
It's ONE system for Every Merchant and no more fumbling for cards, typing on Kiosks or entering data. Just Tap.

Push Notifications

The world is going Mobile and the best way is with Push Notifications because of their Reliability and Security. consumers are becoming accustomed to getting What they want based upon their Location.
The days of blasting out messages to everyone, everywhere are over. Consumers want timely information, based upon their preferences and where they are at the time.

There's More

A Part of CloserDeals™ and coming to every state.

Quick Lookup

We are now in 5 states and counting. Consumers now have a quick look-up to find businesses by State, City or Area. and then by category.

Shop Remotely

Tour and Shop

The world is going beyond Touchless. We now have the ability to not only remotely tour a business but shop remotely from within the tour.
Need something from the store?
Shop remotely from the convenience and safety of your home.

The Best


This division allows consumers to go one step further and find the best of the best with a few clicks.
We are currently interviewing those who have been nominated and will soon be in multiple states.
Note: No business can buy their way onto the list, it's by Referral Only.

The Only One you need to get What you want, When and Where you want it.

You Control the Filters.

Does NOT affect your phone's battery life.

GooMAPS™ moves with you.

Works Indoors or Outdoors.

Choose from 10 Categories to only receive what you want.

Engage the Businesses you choose.

In a mall, it switches to GooPLUS™ and even knows the floor you are on.

At a convention, it switches to GooEVENT™.

Want to take a remote business tour or shop remotely, use GooVR™.

TouchlessLOYALTY™ takes over for All your loyalty programs from Every Merchant.

Timely Alerts

Get alerts on what you WANT and are near NOW, not the usual blast of messages about stuff across the state that you won't be near any time soon. You have all the control, choose the categories you want, turn the system on or off, you decide.

Stay Up-to-Date with your Church, School or Organization

Get the latest updates and announcements from your organization just by being in the area.
If they don't have it, show it to them. It's FREE for their use.

It's a New World

You already knew that the Smart Phone was changing how we market. COVID just accelerated that timeline.
The world is going Touchless and you better jump onboard.

Download the MASTER App

It's the Last App you'll need to find What you Want, When and Where you want it.


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Business Owners

Business owners, if MORE BUSINESS NOW sounds good to you,
Get the Facts.

See why many call it
The Find Cash App

How nice would it be to find local deals that actually interest you, not the typical Bombardment of stuff that doesn't?

No more getting blasted with crap you have no interest in.
It only works when you are out and about and you never worry that you've opened the flood gates to that typical blast of ads because you merely replied.
We give you Several Levels of Filters.

Full Feature Rundown

So far you have only scratched the surface.
Want to see All the features and just How it will benefit your local merchants? The link below leaves this site because it's simply too massive to open in a new window.

appSAVE® Full Explanation

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