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"Effective immediately till such time as our Commander in Chief  gives the Coronavirus  All Clear sign, all systems from the appSAVE® companies will be free for personal or commercial use."
Dr. Rick Mayer, Founder and C.E.O.

"America will bounce back, We always do."
President Donald Trump, 02/13/ 2020.

We have examples throughout our history in America where when we are knocked down, we get up and come back stronger than ever.
We agree with all the scientists, this current situation will pass but if there is one thing we will learn from it, we need to do business a little bit differently.

Small businesses need to do a better job of communicating with their folks, whether that is customers, personnel or suppliers. The keys are Mobile, Digital and Video, and if we do this properly the end result is a better, more profitable business.

See what we are doing to make that happen.


Until further notice, FREE.

One GeoFence with a Campaign.
One Beacon Connection if needed
with a Campaign.  (Beacons separate.)
A Free GooMAPS listing.

Click on the Logo to see what this can mean.

It's One App you won't be able to live without.
Free System for your Organization

Need a Website?
You got it. 

If you need a site or need yours updated, we'll build one for you for FREE and if needed, we'll even host it. Then once this crisis is over we'll turn it over to you and show you how you can keep and maintain it for FREE.
Let's visit on how we can streamline your online presence to REALLY Highlight what you do and are all about in a way that makes folks want to come in now and then come back often.

We will use either the Google Progressive Web App (seen here) or Google AMP, whichever is best for your situation. It's the very latest technology.
This one is PWA right and the link is AMP.

This system will also make you compliant with "The Google Rules of Engagement" which is something Critical to your business.

NOTE: If you need an online e-commerce store, we will help you there as well at NO CHARGE. Small businesses are being particularly affected by this Coronavirus threat and we want to do our part to help them convert to more of an online business if possible. 

Full List of what we are offering for FREE

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appSAVE® GeoTargeting to Announce schedules, new hours, menu, etc.
ScanOfTheDay for an immediate snapshot of current events.
TheBestOfState and TheBestOfCity for instant look-up.
GooMAPS for instant location and information with Proximity Pinning.
AppVOLV for your personal, FREE Mobile App.
And a Lot More.

Tools and Systems to Grow Your Business

Some Additional Tools to Grow Your Business.

Smarter Connect

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